Friday, January 30, 2009

January 30, 2009 Simple Toepaz

This shoe is absolutely ADORABLE and "Earth Friendly" to boot. I have a couple other pairs of Simple brand shoes and they are both well made, uniquely styled and very comfortable. I ordered these this afternoon in black. Can't wait to get them!

The Life of a Lineman..

There is a saying that my husband repeats frequently, "The life of a it or leave it.."

It's not that he's indifferent, just that he uses that sentiment I think sometimes as a way to reassure himself when he's maybe a little bit resentful of the interruptions that so often change our plans. Other times it is more a way of reminding me that I knew what I was getting into, when I entered into this ever after with him.

This week he has traveled to Kentucky to help restore power to the 607,000 (last count I saw in print yesterday) Kentuckians who are without power after the recent ice storm there. Usually the question of whether to go or stay is an easy one. He usually goes. The money is good and the lineman love the excitement of storms.

This one was different though because our son will celebrate a Birthday while he's gone. We let our child decide. When we told him about the children in Kentucky without heat, he selflessly sacrificed his Dad so that others would have power. He asked if his Dad would please let the people in KY know that he had given up having his Dad with him on his special day so that they could have heat. We told him that we thought he was making a very sweet sacrifice and that we would make it up to him when Dad returned.

So he took advantage of the moment and asked to go to Disneyland or just Florida. He's sweet, but not a Saint. Needless to say he won't be going to Florida when Dad gets back!

May God Bless the Lineman working 18 hour days this week to restore power. Keep them safe and bring them home soon. We put our husbands, brothers, fathers and sons in your hands.