Wednesday, August 26, 2009

For Sale By Owner

Just a little piece of advice, if you ever start thinking about buying a house "For Sale Buy Owner", don't do it! Though you save a lot of money cutting out the middle man, I have come to the conclusion that the stress is not worth it! I suppose maybe I stress about more things than most people do so that probably makes it worse.

That leads to to ask myself why I sweat the small stuff? Why do I worry about every tiny detail? Does everything always have to be perfect? Obviously it doesn't. I don't expect everyone else to be perfect all the time so why do I expect that of myself? I suppose I'm just made that way. I wonder if you can truly change something that is such a deep part of who you are.

I wish I had Andy's easy going, "Devil may care" attitude. Nothing really gets him too riled up and if it does, he's over it pretty quick.

I try to ask myself, "In a year from now is this really going to matter?" Sometimes that helps, but many times I get to the asking part way too late. I'm already riled up.

Regardless of how hard I want to make things just so-so, the fact is that mostly things will be what they will be and I have little control over those things.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

House Hunting

Well after looking for what has seemed like FOREVER, we signed a contract this weekend on a house Northwest of Winfield! It's a five bedroom, 2 1/2 bath home on 8.5 acres. The house is listed as having about 3700 square feet. So we are finally going to have PLENTY of room!
There are two guest bedrooms upstairs and three downstairs. We have a huge laundry room upstairs that has a bathroom and sink in the laundry room. There is a living area upstairs and two seperate living areas downstairs in the lower level underground. The master bedroom and two kids' bedrooms are also downstairs along with another bath.

Our tentative closing date is October 9th though we still are waiting on the appraisal which could be an issue. The bank says that if they can't find a comp to compare the house to, then the appraiser may not be able to complete his appraisal and then that might cause the mortgage to fall through. So we are waiting to see that the appraisal goes through well. Otherwise if all goes smoothly, we could be moving in immediately after we close.
Right now our minds are running about a mile a minute and luckily other than a little paint (mainly because one bedroom is pink and there are a couple colors that I don't like) there is nothing that needs to be done to the house!
So we are pretty darned excited in case you couldn't tell!
The listing photos were really poor but Andy snapped some photos on his cell when we were there Saturday. They are not great but you get a better idea at least of what the house looks like.