Thursday, April 15, 2010

It's Almost Over but the Growin'

For once I actually remembered to post the before pictures! This is the slope on the South side of our house. As you can see it was a sad little hill in desperate need of some landscaping attention. Notice the poor little bare spot that sat directly under a rope swing that was removed the day I started this project. I started this project Sunday night on a whim and I think it is a huge change!

I'm not 100% finished as you can see. I still need to trim the weed paper and then I am going to use recycled plastic edging about 4 inches away from the rocks and then go back and add more mulch between the edging and the rocks so I won't have to worry about weeds or grass growing up in the rocks. I was so happy to be done last night that I just had to take pictures this morning and share.

So now I wait for the plants to grow. I've planted five dwarf bushes and lots of perennials. Near the back along the house I've planted assorted colors of cannas. I've also added May Night Salvia, Red Prairie Mallow, Orange Phlox, pink fairy lillies and hosta. I really don't expect the bulbs to bloom this year though I sure hope we get some action there. I am hoping though that next year it's just beautiful and definitely worth the work!

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