Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Gracie McClung, one of the Greatest Women of all Time

November 29th was a day that I imagine I'll remember forever. That's the day that my Grandmother lost her battle with cancer. Rather than dwell on the battle that she lost, I would rather concentrate on her life and the woman that she was. I am so honored to have been her Grandaughter for 32 years.

Grandmother was raised on a farm and married a farmer for 47 years before my Grandad, Irvin died. As you will see in this video, the farm and family was her life. To some her world was small, but she made the world something special to all that knew her, sometimes if only with something as simple as a meal served with beautiful presentation. She loved ferris wheel rides, going for "deer runs" (taking a drive before sunset to look for deer), cooking for family and friends, and her dog Ben. She disliked mice, blue jays and people who bragged a lot or constantly talked about nothing. She was an amazing cook and fed just about anyone who would accept the invitiation. She took pride in decorating her home and that always changed with the seasons.

For Grandmother, it was all in the details. From a special tablecloth, an especially nice quilt on the bed for company, using a partictular glass that she knew I liked or being sure to have chocolate chip cookies in the cookier jar. Those are the kind of details that I don't seem to have time for because I work full time. Either I don't make time or there just isn't time.

She influenced the woman that I am today in ways that she probably never knew and I hope that you will get to know her a little too by watching this tribute video. This video was compiled from family photographs and created by my cousins Shannon, Erin, Ashley and husband Daniel, and Allison and fiance David.

Gracie McClung November 13, 1921- November 29, 2009


  1. That was nice. I cried all the way through it, again!

  2. What a love! I sure enjoyed the video. Her eyes never changed, did they? Always had a sparkling inquisitive look. I loved the pictures of her with you in your wedding dress (I think), on the tractor, and wearing the dress-up crown and wand. I look forward to meeting Gracie in Heaven someday! She's probably up there getting acquainted with my grandmothers right now!

  3. Jan, I'm sure they are trading recipes!

  4. That was very touching Jill...I'm all teary eyed!!

  5. I still can't watch it without crying either, but I also can't watch it without laughing. Laughter through tears...