Thursday, January 7, 2010

Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful...Winterproof With These Tips...

Someone from work gave me a copy of a page from Women's World magazine, listing some ideas for Winterproofing your car. Considering it's so cold I've wondered if there was ice in hell this week I thought I would share.

Ice Proof Your Windows: If you know there is a chance of ice, spray your windows the night before with a solution of 3 parts vinegar, one part water. The Vinegar is supposed to raise the melting point of water.

Fog Proof Your Windows: Spray shaving cream on the inside of your windows and wipe off with a paper towel to prevent fogging.

Winter Proof Your Headlights: Ever have your headlights covered with ice or snow so thickly that they don't work properly? Wipe car wax on the headlights to prevent the water or snow from accumulating on them. The water repellant in the wax keeps the water rolling off the lights.

Sqeak Proof Your Wipers: Grease and grime is the main reason that wipers squeak. Wipe wipers with rubbing alcohol to remove grease from the wipers which will improve their performance.

De-Ice Locks: Hand sanitizer works well for de-icing locks. squirt some on the lock and also on the key and it should fix the lock. Must be more than 60% alcohol to work though.

If you get stuck on ice or snow and just need some traction to get you moving, you can use your floor mat in front of the tire (rubber side up). When you try to drive off again, the tire should get traction off the mat.

Hope you find these tips as useful as I did and stay safe and warm!


  1. Those are really good tips and I didn't know any of them. I wonder if the shaving cream thing really works cause I need to try that on the bathroom mirror! LOL

  2. I was about to say the exact same thing as Pepper. Wouldn't it be wonderful if it actually worked? I also love the idea bout the hand-sanitizer for frozen locks. The floor mats for traction in an emergency. Great ideas. Thanks for sharing!

  3. We don't have snow but we do get below freezing & some of these ideas are perfect for us. Thanks for a great post. Appreciate you weighing in on our blog also. Have a great week! Deborah

  4. JD, the paint color name I can't remember. But it is mainly a burgundy with just a touch of purple??, maybe??

    I appreciate your comments :)