Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Living Room

This quilt was the inspiration for the wall colors in the living room.
View from the front door through to the dining room.

Love the way cream looks with this blue.

Part of my cross collection which seems to be growing and multiplying while I sleeep...

I have always wanted a blue living room and I guess I have one now. This is one of those colors that I just love and every time I look at the walls, I love them just as much as the day I painted them. Though I'm not completely done with this room, you can at least see the direction it's going. I still haven't worked out anything to house our electronics. The TV is mounted on the wall and I am pretty sure that I am going to build a mantle that doubles as a hidden entertainment center. That's a huge project though so stay tuned for my little reveal on that when I get all finished. Unfortunately that part will not be done for our Open House this weekend though all in good time. I can't do everything at once.


  1. I still think what you did get done was pretty heroic!! From the pictures the living room is probably my favorite room. Of course that might change once I see it in person.

  2. Someday I might hate that color, but for now I just still really love that room. I love cuddling in the oversized chair and a half and watching TV in front of the fire. For me that room is so relaxing.

  3. I just re-read my comment and it didn't come out like I meant it. What I MEANT to say was its my favorite room from the pictures but once I see your house in person I might have a different favorite room! LOL