Friday, December 11, 2009

The Room with a Stairs

This one is still in process though this is a grouping of rosettes that I found here and there and still need a couple more to complete the group.
I have no idea what this little box is actually here for other than for me to put things on it. I wish it was a storage box but no luck, this doo-hickey is firmly nailed shut...

These are pictures of the room that I have no idea what to call it. It's just the room with the stairs because it really serves no other functional purpose other than for me to stick things I love, like the organ my Grandmother gave me. It's funny, this organ belonged to her husband's aunt I think and she never liked it. I guess she has tried to give it away for years with no luck (that seems nuts to me because I love it) so she was thrilled when I agreed to take it. It's hard to see all the detail on the piece, but the detail is beautiful and I am so honored to have it in my home!


  1. You have been a busy bee that's for sure! You are so creative and I really love the thought and the love that is obviously displayed and enjoyed in your home. But here's the deal...Come to my house and hook a girl up with some pizzaz. The move to a lil bitty house (no joke) and the fact that I can't pick a paint color to save my life, I need some help!!

  2. I wonder if you could remove the box and make a storage bench there?

  3. I've thought about that too. I have wondered if it had ductwork in it or something. If I knew for sure that it was hollow I could easily remove the top and put hinges on it.

  4. Maybe you could remove the top anyway and if it does have ductwork in it...which may be could make a shallow storage area depending on how much room the ductwork takes up. I love little details like that though. Even if you can't transform still works great as a little display area.